“Maliban Yahagunayen Uththama Pranama” Generously Supported Pilgrims in Anuradhapura on Poson Poya Day

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Sri Lanka’s largest and most loved biscuit manufacturer, Maliban, recently successfully concluded its “Maliban Yahagunayen Uththama Pranama” programme, which is an annual initiative held alongside the religious and devotional activities on the Sacred Day of Poson Poya. The programme provided essential support, provisions and refreshments to thousands of devotees who visited the Sacred City of Anuradhapura this Poson Poya Day.

Continuing the tradition of previous years, the “Maliban Yahagunayen Uththama Pranama” event was held adjacent to the Sacred Grounds of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and Ruwanvelimahaseya in Anuradhapura. Maliban provided biscuits and tea to all who visited these Sacred Sites, a warm gesture that is deeply appreciated by many of the tens of thousands of devotees who flock to the Sacred City of Anuradhapura during the Poson Poya Pilgrimage Season, each year. Devotees were served with delectable biscuits from Maliban, while Little Lion Biscuits were also made available, along with delicious cups of refreshingly hot Maliban tea. This provided welcome refreshment and nourishment for the devotees as they went about their worship and devotional activities.

Understanding the need for inclusivity and support for all, Maliban also provided wheelchair services, ensuring accessibility for all. This was a huge benefit for many elderly and disabled pilgrims, who would have otherwise found it difficult to move around these Sacred Sites. This facility was provided at the Jaya Sri Mahabodhi and the Ruwanvelimahaseya for 2 consecutive days.

As part of the “Maliban Yahagunayen Uththama Pranama” programme, dry rations were also donated to 1,000 families in Anuradhapura, reflecting Maliban’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of its communities.

As a company deeply devoted to progress in Sri Lanka, whilst preserving its unique and vibrant culture, Maliban reaffirms its commitment to social responsibility and understands the transformative power of its unique position in affecting positive change. In alignment with this commitment to all Sri Lankans, Maliban is dedicated to organizing many more special events in the future, under the “Maliban Yahagunayen Uththama Pranama” programme. These events will help further the well-being and happiness of local communities, fostering a brighter future for all Sri Lankans.


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