(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The Development Control Regulations (DCR), which regulate all construction activities within the area of authority of Colombo Port City,was published in the extraordinary gazette No 2334/47 on June 02nd, 2023. This updated version represents an enhanced version of the initial publication in April 2022.

As a result, the Colombo Port City Economic Commission is now open to receiving development proposals for evaluation and the issuance of Planning Clearance, Development Permits, and Certificates of Conformity, aligned with the approved Master Plan – Spanning a buildable area of 6.3 million square meters, that will offer a world-class environment for various amenities, including a Marina Facility, Luxury Villas,Apartments an Integrated Resort, Convention Centre, International School and University, a Hospital and a Financial Centre etc. These said and all developments of Colombo Port City will be subjected to theregulationofthe newly published DCR 2023.

The primary objective of 2023 for Colombo Port City is to benefit developers, residents, investors, and all stakeholders, including the surrounding community. These regulations establish guidelines for development intensity, building height, and overall construction framework across all plots within Colombo Port City. They serve as a vital planning tool, ensuring logical and orderly development. By providing landowners and developers with a clear understanding of the permissible development on each of the 74plots, the DCR 2023 fosters transparency and efficient decision-making. Furthermore, it encompasses a comprehensive framework covering building masses, land uses, solid void ratios, green and public spaces, local characteristics, utility networks and usage, sustainability measures, and more.

Thepublished DCR 2023 marks anotherkeygoal post, for the Colombo Port City Economic Commission for the Investors to commence their journey,in the realization of Colombo Port City’s immense potential for economic growth and innovation through iconic Architecture which brings world-class buildings to this City. TheCommission is committed to fostering a successful ecosystem that attracts global investment and drives sustainable development in Sri Lanka.

Development Control Regulations published by the Gazette Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Extraordinary No 2334/47, 2023.06.02.

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