Sectoral Oversight Committee on Foreign Employment & Labour focus on the development of rural awareness of the foreign employment sector

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) –  The Sectoral Oversight Committee on Foreign Employment & Labour took into discussion that it is important to deal with the fact that by taking courses with practical training, the workers going abroad can get the maximum foreign exchange and benefits available in relation to foreign employment. The said Committee met in the Parliament under the Chairmanship of Hon. Hector Appuhamy, Member of Parliament.

The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau stated that a manual containing information related to foreign employment has been created to inform Gramasewa officials, officials of divisional secretariats, field officers as well as people’s representatives. Moreover, a program has been initiated to provide it in print and via online to the aforesaid officials and individuals, he further said.

It was further discussed in the Committee that since people at the rural level have an issue of obtaining accurate and specific information when connecting with the foreign employment sector and as a result their time and money will be destroyed by falling victim to the fraudulent activities of fraud agencies or agents.

Furthermore, the Committee also discussed that it is important to get an official representation from the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment when making investment decisions in the Employees’ Provident Fund.

Members of Parliament Hon. Dilan Perera, Hon. Faisal Qasim, Hon. S. M. Marikkar, Hon. Ishak Rahuman, Hon. Samanpriya Herath, Hon. Gamini Waleboda and Hon. Velu Kumar were present at the Committee meeting held.


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