Hemas Ambulatory Surgical Care – Affordability Redefined: Same Day Discharge, Superior Outcomes

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – Redefining the healthcare space in Sri Lanka, Hemas Hospitals is transforming patient recovery from advanced surgeries, allowing patients to return home on the same day and recover faster, better and more comfortably by adopting superior surgical techniques with its new initiative; Hemas Ambulatory Surgical Care.

This pioneering service is transforming the way Sri Lankans experience surgical procedures, making them more convenient, highly cost-effective, and, most importantly, providing a uniquely patient-centric approach.

Explaining further, Managing Director of Hemas Hospitals and Laboratory Chain, Dr. Lakith Peirissaid,“Patients are known to have faster recovery at the comfort of their home in familiar surroundings with the assistance of an expert homecare medical team. The Hemas Ambulatory Care Surgical Centre enables patients to undergo a wide range of surgical procedures from minor surgeries to advanced interventions without the need for overnight hospitalization. This means, that patients can return to the comfort of their own homes on the same day as their surgery, promoting a faster recovery and reducing healthcare cost to patients as much as 30% compared to doing the same procedure as an in-patient making Hemas Hospitals the most cost-effective hospital in the country. By dedicating a specialized facility, the hospital is able to create an environment tailored to the unique requirements of outpatient procedures. Cutting edge equipment and advanced technology optimizes our ability to deliver safe and effective care enhancing patient outcomes.”

Hemas Ambulatory Surgical Care allows patients to access advanced surgeries at a cost that is 30% less than traditional in-patient procedures,resulting in cost-effectiveness and increased affordability for patients, but without compromising on the delivery of top-tier care. The facility stands out by seamlessly integrating the latest techniques and employing state-of-the-art surgical instruments and equipment, ensuring patients benefit from cutting-edge advancements in healthcare.

All surgeries are performed in strict adherence to Australian Council for Health Standards International guidelines, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. A standout feature of Hemas Ambulatory Surgical Care is that it is provided through a technical collaboration with Alexandra Hospitals in Singapore, under the National University Health System which is a global leader in minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) and pain management. Additionally, the MIS unit of Alexandra Hospitals is under the leadership of distinguished Sri Lankan consultant surgeon, Dr Sujith Wijerathne. The collaboration between these two giants in healthcare, Hemas Hospitals and Alexandra Hospitals, is one of good will, allowing for exceptional care and access to the latest surgical innovations, at affordable price points.

Hemas Ambulatory Surgical Care is thus unveiling the future of fast-tracked surgery in Sri Lanka, providing cutting-edge, patient-centric, and cost-effective solutions.

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