First DFCC “Vyapaara Hamuwa” Concludes Successfully, Supporting MSME/SMEs in the Morawaka Area

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – A bank focused on the sustainable development of MSME/SMEs and local communities, DFCC Bank recently successfully concluded the first edition of the DFCC “Vyapara Hamuwa” programme, an entrepreneurship development initiative. DFCC “Vyapara Hamuwa” is an initiative to enhance entrepreneur knowledge and skills to develop Sri Lanka’s MSME/SME sector. The first “Vyapara Hamuwa” was held on the 10th of February 2023 in Morawaka, where more than 50 entrepreneurs from Morawaka and Urubokka participated. Eight similar programmes will be conducted by DFCC Bank, covering all regions of the country, in 2023.

The programme included extensive discussions and demonstrations of various aspects of entrepreneurship, including dealing with challenges and being innovative. The first DFCC “Viyapara Hamuwa” resource person was Chandana Wanigasena, Vice President – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) at DFCC Bank. The event was organised with the support of the branch teams from DFCC Bank’s branches in Morawaka and Urubokka, together with the aid of DFCC Bank’s Southern MSME development team. Amila Siriwardena, Managing Director of New Lanka Cinnamon (Private) Limited, a leading young entrepreneur from the Southern Region, was invited to be a guest speaker at the event and share his insights.

Commenting on the initiative, Anton Arumugam – Senior Vice President, Offshore Banking, Remittances and Business Development at DFCC Bank PLC said, “Driven by our sustainability goals, we believe in uplifting communities, and one of the cornerstones towards achieving that objective is to support and encourage the MSME/SME sector, especially female entrepreneurs. This is the backbone of the economy, and driving growth in the MSME/SME sector will help create opportunities and prosperity amongst local communities while supporting economic development at the national level. We are pleased to be able to conduct these knowledge-sharing sessions and discussions to help drive growth and innovation in this important sector of the economy.”

Appreciating the efforts of DFCC Bank “Vyapara Hamuwa”, A D Renuka, a female entrepreneur who participated in the workshop, said, “We are very thankful to DFCC Bank for taking the time and initiative to help us in an effective and impactful manner. The programme’s content helped identify some of our hidden skills, talents, and untapped potential, while also helping us to identify and evaluate good business ideas and discuss effective execution techniques. I have walked away from the DFCC “Vyapara Hamuwa” with renewed determination and courage.”

DFCC Bank is a full-service commercial bank that provides a complete and comprehensive portfolio of products and services for MSMEs/SMEs, supported by its business banking team. With everything from digitally supported cash management solutions, such as DFCC iConnect, to exceptional transactional banking, savings, investment, loans, and other products, DFCC Bank is committed to supporting the development of Sri Lanka’s MSME/SMEs. DFCC Bank’s Aloka proposition supports female entrepreneurs and provides access to unique credit line funding from globally acclaimed financiers and donors and a comprehensive banking proposition tailored for women.


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