CSE hosts the Awards Ceremony for the Advanced Diploma in Financial Markets for batch six – 2023

(LANKAPUVATH | COLOMBO) – The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) recognized the students from batch six of the Advanced Diploma in Financial Markets (ADFM) at a ceremony, which was held recently at the Union Ballroom, Hilton Residencies Colombo.

The event marks a milestone in the CSE’s efforts to foster financial literacy and education in the capital market, as it is the first educational qualification to be awarded by the Stock Exchange.

TheChairman of the CSE, Mr. Dilshan Wirasekara, was the Chief Guest of the occasion,and the Keynote Address of the Ceremony was delivered by Senior Professor Hareendra Dissabandara. CSE CEO Mr. Rajeeva Bandaranaike, CSE senior management, lecturers, students, and their parents also participated in the awards ceremony. Further, 37 students were recognized at the ceremony.

The ADFM was implemented in response to a growing demand for an entry-level academic qualification to be awarded by the CSE to enable greater knowledge of financial markets, particularly with a specific focus on capital market operations and investment.

ADFM features 10 modules and was completed over a period of nine months, covering areas such as capital market regulations, investment analysis, portfolio management, macro-economics, and other related subject matters. The course content featured a combination of theory and practical aspects of financial markets and included the management of a model portfolio by the students, integrating real-world expertise with practical skills. The modules were conducted by an eminent panel of lecturers, consisting of respected local university lecturers and capital market experts.

Congratulating the ADFM students of batch six, CEO of the CSE, Mr. Rajeeva Bandaranaike,shared his remarks on the CSE Academy, “We established the CSE Academy by consolidating all the work we have been doing with schools and other groups. Only 22.98% get the opportunity after A/Ls to enroll in a state university. The majority always seeks vocational qualifications from foreign or local bodies, and we see there is a huge opportunity for us to fill this gap. The CSE Academy has been given the task of leading this initiative from the side of CSE in assisting and creating a financially literate investor base.”

The Chief Guest of the ceremony, the Chairman of the CSE, Mr. Dilshan Wirasekara,stated that this event celebrates the achievements of students in the setting that is the heart of the Sri Lankan Capital Market. “I must congratulate ADFMfor creating a pool of talented individuals with the competencies that are required to bring value to the industry.”

Concluding his speech, Mr. Wirasekara also reminded the students that there is responsibility for them: “There is no better time to be in capital markets than currently. You are coming into a vibrant ecosystem. If you look at all the aspects of the capital markets, we see phenomenal growth. I sincerely hope that all the graduates will choose to remain in the industry, and I would appeal to you to see how you could deploy the knowledge from the qualification that you have now obtained and contribute far more.”

The keynote speaker for the ceremony, Senior Professor Hareendra Dissabandara, showcased an insightful presentation on the importance of financial literacy.

More information on the course and details on the next intake can be obtained by calling 0112356456



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